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Experts in energy

Flogas in partnership with Hexagon Ragasco are revolutionising the UK leisure cylinder market with our composite cylinder, Gaslight. Available in two sizes, 5kg and 10kg, Gaslight cylinders are perfect for all your leisure activities.

LPG supply you can rely on

Flogas are a leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) supplier with more than 35 years’ experience providing reliable, affordable energy solutions to domestic customers across the UK.

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The biggest nationwide LPG delivery network in the UK

We have more UK depots than any other LPG supplier, so however remote your home is, we can reach you. In fact, we provide such a reliable supply, you’d never know you were off the grid. You can order online and we’ll deliver right to your front door – for free. Alternatively, you can simply pick up your Gaslight from one of our stockists or depots.

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