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Gaslight – the ultimate lightweight gas cylinder

Gaslight is super light, safe and easy to use – making it perfect for BBQs, camping, caravans and patio heaters.

It’s innovative, unique design means Gaslight is almost half the weight of a typical steel cylinder, making it much easier to lift and replace. It’s easy to carry (with inbuilt handles) and will connect to almost any LPG appliance quickly and safely.

Gaslight cylinders have a useful, see-through exterior, so you can always see how much gas you have left. They’re also made from toughened plastic and fibre glass, so you never have to worry about unsightly rust marks.

With Gaslight you can rest assured that you have the safest, most robust cylinder on the market, as it holds the industry’s very best safety record.

It comes in handy 5kg and 10kg sizes, and is available exclusively from Flogas.

Product specification


  • Empty weight 3.4kg
  • Height (mm) 384
  • Diameter (mm) 305


  • Empty weight 5kg
  • Height (mm) 571
  • Diameter (mm) 305
Easy to Carry

Easy to Carry

Featuring user-friendly handles, it’s super easy to lift, replace and transport.


Gaslight is a super lightweight gas bottle – around half the weight of a steel cylinder.


It's see-through exterior means you can always see how much gas you have left, so you never run out.


Made from toughened plastic and fibre glass, it’s completely rust proof – leaving no unwanted rust marks.

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